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As corny as this may sound ‘Shine Dance Studio’ was first scribbled on a serviette in Venice, Italy, 2003.

Whilst eating a mandatory plate of pasta and pondering the next chapter of their lives together, Vanessa and Adrian struck up the framework for what was soon to become one of the more blossoming Performing Arts schools this side of the equator!

In the pursuing 18 months, Vanessa & Adrian spent countless hours conceptualising how Shine was going to be unique and everlasting.  They knew the combination of Vanessa’s capability as an accomplished dancer, but more importantly as an educator, together with the administration support of Adrian, that it was just a matter of time until the word got out about Shine.

In 2005, Shine opened its doors and finished the year with 31 students performing in our inaugural End of Year Concert. 

Fast-track a further 6 months, in 2006, Shine quickly found itself in the enviable position of outgrowing their initial Studio location so they made the exciting decision to purpose build (renovate) a specialised Performing Arts Studio in Chesterville Road, Moorabbin.

Fast-track more than 10 years, and Shine finds itself as one of the leading Performing Arts schools in the region due to an overwhelming response from enthusiastic beginners to advanced students joining our fun, friendly and motivating atmosphere!!

Shine’s motto is simple – Fun & Motivation!  We feel that if our students are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to produce better results.  Our teachers are instructed to motivate the students to enjoy their lessons, but just as importantly continue to learn and better themselves in technique and confidence.

Shine is a ‘Performance’ based school.  As opposed to Competition based, our emphasis is on showcasing our students to friends and family in a fun and inspiring environment at our End of Year Concerts.  We won’t shock you with unnecessary costume costs/commitments either!

Shine prides itself on having the students best interest at heart.  Our teachers can not only dance and sing exceptionally well, but they can teach exceptionally well too.  We also recognise many students learn differently, so we maintain small class sizes to ensure each student can receive as much individualised attention as possible.

If you like our story and think Shine is a great fit for your child, please call or email us to find out any more information and to arrange your first free lesson.